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In A Mentors Shoe – Rose Kainda

In A Mentors Shoe – Rose Kainda

In A Mentors Shoe – Rose Kainda

Rose is an outstanding mentor at EPTF. she is a born-again Christian.  She believes in the power of transformation as presented in Romans 12:1-2.  She is also a mother of two teenage boys.

When did you start Mentoring?

I started business mentoring in 2015 while working as the Special Projects Coordinator at EPTF.  I had however been engaged in personal mentoring at family level (focusing on youth and parents).

How many people have you mentored?

I have mentored 5 businesses owners; three of these are on-going.  At the family level, I have mentored many.

How is the journey so far?

The mentoring journey is going well.  It is enriching, it is transforming, both to the mentees and to me.

Where are your mentees now as compared to when you started the journey with them?

My mentees have made great progress in their businesses.   Whereas my first mentee had almost given up hope in her business, by the time we were officially concluding the mentoring journey, she had affirmed herself, with her eyes opened up to the possibilities of succeeding in her business, she had started engaging in projects which she thought she could not.  In fact she had doubled her income by this time.

One of the other mentees is currently re-structuring her business using all the mentoring knowledge and skills she has gained so far.  In her own words, “with someone else walking along with me, I know I am going far.  My vision is now very clear, my leadership role is clear – I am destined for great success”.

One other mentee has dared to do what she thought she could never have done.  It is amazing what mentoring does to a business person.  It ignites the fire in them, it rejuvenates them, and it develops new strengths causing what I would call a “re-birth”.

Whereas 4 of the 5 had no clear visions for their businesses, I am glad to note that, they are all now very clear on what they are engaged in, in other words, “their big why”.

What are your highlights in mentoring?

I could share of several, but what strikes across the board is the fact that the mentee’s eyes are opened to the realization that they can make it.  Most of my mentees have before the mentoring program, been held “captive” by their own thoughts or lifestyles.  Sometimes, not believing in themselves, other times not having clarity on what is to be done.  The component on leadership for the mentee is such an eye opener for them.  The opening up of their businesses into the various units comprising the business system is yet another.

What challenges do you face as a mentor?

The greatest challenged I have faced in mentoring is where the mentee expects me to be the “implementing” or “execution” agent.   I have faced this in two occasions but in the long run, we worked it out with the mentees with expectations being clarified.

What drives you?

The need to transform – first the thoughts, how one sees himself or herself.  Transformation is a biblical concept and it works across the board. It is not only to be applied at a personal level, but holistically.  As such, the need for the mentee to understand who they are, what they have been endowed with is very critical.  That they need not copy or conform to what everybody else does … this alone brings a change of thought-line in a mentees mind.  Holistically, I am inspired by the transforming word of God.

What gave you the confidence to believe you can be a mentor?

According to Ephesians 2:10, the Bible says that:

 “We are God’s own handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus (born anew) that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us (taking paths which He prepared ahead of time), that we should walk in them (living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live)” – AMP.

Over a time, I have learnt and known without a doubt that the good works that God predestined for me to walk (my assignment here on earth) is to empower and transform … mentoring happens to fall here in.

Again, it is all about the revelation that comes with the word of God.

Do you think mentorship is important?

Mentoring is not only important but very important.  Many mentees have an idea of what to do, but the “how” becomes the challenge.  This is where the mentor’s role becomes very essential.  They walk with the mentee step by step as they explore the “how” of doing the “what”?  The “when” and the “options” available for the mentee are also explored and by the end of the mentoring process, the mentee’s eyes are opened through the help of the mentor who becomes his/her “outside eyes”.  So, yes, mentoring is very important.