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EPTF through the Graduate Internship Program (GRIP) addresses Farmer challenges by

  • Coordinating farmer training sessions
  • Pairing farmers with trainee managers under supervision to commercialize their farms.

The ultimate results are increased levels of production and farm management efficiency.

In partnership with local Universities in Kenya, EPTF has selected farms and Agriculture-related Companies to provide graduates with career opportunities as Farm Managers with a sharp edge in entrepreneurship.

The interns are trained in entrepreneurship as farm managers and linked to farms through EPTFs Graduate Internship Program (GRIP).

The intended time frame for a participant in the program is 12 months – 24 months.

During this time the  interns will:

  • Learn from professionals and specialists, with exposure to Entrepreneurship and Leadership skills.
  • Get exposure to disciplines such as sales, marketing, and quality and data management through formal programs and work projects.
  • Be responsible for managing and successfully completing assigned projects by developing project plans, working within budgets, enlisting and coordinating the work of other employees, and ensuring satisfactory project completion.
  • Trainees will learn to differentiate products and services and build relationships with local and international markets.
  • Learn practically how to build and maintain relationships with sales management, support groups, other Farm business units, and customers.
  • Learn and understand customer needs
  • Develop professionally