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Mavuno Mombasa Group members with EPTF’s CEO on the third left.

Mavuno Mombasa Group was formed on 11th March 2015 and the membership started in May 2015 with 6 members which grew to 10 members at the end of the first cycle in April 2016.

Economic Projects Transformational Facility (EPTF) trained the group on table banking concept in 2 trainings in 2015. The training birthed the Mavuno Mombasa group riding on a model of table banking where members of a self selected group form an association to mobilize their own savings and equip them with knowledge on how to build a fund through a process of disciplined saving and interest lending within the group.

With such knowledge and capacity, the members made the constitution to govern the group. The constitution stipulated rules and regulations such as, but not limited to; meeting once every Wednesday of the month from 10:30am to 11:30am at the EPTF office, group’s goals & objectives, membership criteria & contribution, loan policies & procedures, social & training fund policies, fines & procedures of exiting and resolving conflict.

The members endorsed the constitution by appending their signature and any amendment of the constitution could be approved by 75% present members. The members elected officials as follows: Chairperson, Vice chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

The group’s contribution included:


Membership fee Kshs 200 paid once upon registration
Monthly contribution Kshs 300 per month
Social fund Kshs 50 per month

Having started their contribution on May, 2015 to April 2016, the Mavuno group has been able to generate savings amounting to Kshs 45,320. Each member of the group took home Kshs 6,440, that is; Kshs 3,850 – -12 months savings and Kshs 2,590 as profits.

The members completed the whole cycle and were able to overcome the challenges on the way. The gains gotten by saving with the Mavuno table banking group, as the members reported were immense – not only did it provide a platform for networking but also their businesses thrived from the investments. In addition, two members of the group were able to take a loan and start a joint business venture.

2nd cycle – June 2016 – June 2017

With the 1st cycle of table banking yielding success, the Mavuno Mombasa group embarked on a 2nd cycle on June 2016 with 5 members from the previous group.

A recruitment campaign to add the members was done and 4 individuals joined. These included 2 EPTF alumni and 3 non alumni.  The latter were incorporated on condition that they enrol for the next EPTF entrepreneurship class conducted at the resource centre.

With the second cycle, meeting dates were on the 2nd Wednesday of every month and contributions fixed at Kshs 550.

The group’s contribution included:


Membership fee Kshs 200 paid once upon registration
Monthly contribution Kshs 500 per month
Social fund Kshs 50 per month

By the end of the 2nd cycle in May 2017, the group had a total of Kshs 116,050. This was equally divided between 7 members with each taking home a sum of Kshs 12,466. This was inclusive of 12 months savings – -Kshs 6,600 and profit – – Kshs 5,866.

Even though the Mavuno group disbanded, 5 members started a 3rd cycle on the 14th of June, 2017.  The group has been able to achieve their objective which was to invest in their businesses as a result of the loans taken. Notable businesses include a fast food restaurant and a printing of tee shirts entity.

Of utmost importance, they understood the concept of the “interest charged” which went back to their own pocket. The group embraced the importance of savings and were willing to start small and had set their goal to increase their income and change their livelihoods. The experience has also helped woo other women in the region as they stress on the importance of the table banking which is deemed long term investment compared to the traditional merry go round saving method.


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