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A good number of business owners may be technically competent in their product or service and may show early signs of success; in spite of that, what is required in business is more than technical expertise. An entrepreneur also requires soft-skills that can assist them to remain in business for long and enjoy tremendous growth. Research has suggested that mentoring relationships have strong positive effects on the career or business of the protégé.

Our Objective

EPTF seeks to link at least 40% of its entrepreneurship trainees with experienced business and professional persons in formal mentoring and coaching relationships that will contribute to their development and that of their businesses.

Our Mentoring Model

The mentoring model is centered on the mentee. EPTF plays the role of linking the mentee with one primary volunteer mentor who guides their overall development in spiritual and business/professional life. We also have a network of coaches who can train in specific professional areas of need as recommended by the mentor. The mentors, coaches and mentees all benefit from networking opportunities organized by EPTF.

Mentors’ training

For us to achieve the goal of linking at least 40% of our entrepreneurs to mentees, we recognize the need to empower our mentors on a regular basis. We have continued to train our mentors in order to develop their capacity for them to successfully build skills and abilities of their mentees.

Mentors training module:
  • Understanding Biblical principles on Mentoring
  • Business aspect of mentoring
  • Personal leadership and mentorship skills
  • Work based project on Mentee’s business


How to be a Mentor?

Are you a business owner or a professional who has a heart for upcoming entrepreneurs? Do you uphold integrity and ethical business practices? EPTF encourages you to sign up as a mentor. Get in touch with our office on info@eptf.org with a brief profile.

Mentee’s Workshop

We take time to sensitize our Mentees on the Biblical principles of Mentoring and the importance of honoring such a relationship. During our Mentees orientation we explore the following questions:-

  • Who is this person I will be spending time with?
  • What can mentoring do for me?
  • How much time will mentoring take? Is all this time and effort worth it?
  • What to expect and what not to expect from my mentor
  • Basic communication skills such as non-defensive statement, assertiveness and listening skills
  • What to do when things are not working out with a mentor


How to be a Mentee?

Only those who have gone through the EPTF training are eligible to participate as mentees in the programme. We encourage our alumni to sign up as mentees and submit the mentee’s application form to info@eptf.org