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Esther exudes joy, strength and brilliance. It does not come as a surprise that she bagged an Economic Projects Transformational Facility (EPTF), award 2017 ‘Best in Business Record Keeping’ category.

Armed with skills on money management, entrepreneurship concept and business capital & banking, she embarked on a farming project.

Her farm, situated at the hilly and lush Ngong Forest -Kenya, is among many where a wide array of crops such as; maize, potatoes, pigeon peas and beans are planted and harvested. Besides that, she boasts of 3 years experience in beekeeping. The farming has proved worthwhile.

“I have two orphaned grandchildren in my custody. Through farming I have been able to cater for their needs.” She tells us, Adding, “I even manage to pay school fees through farming proceeds.”

Her starting capital was Kshs 11,000. Through the lessons in book keeping, Esther is now able to keep control of her spending and allocate part of her profits toward investment. Even though there is shortage of rain in the country coupled with inflation at an all time high, she is proud and confident that she has never slept hungry.

“I’m thankful for farming because I have plenty.
The greens gotten from the farm is what I use to make meals                                                  sometime.” She says.

The Economic Projects Transformational Facility (EPTF) has been spearheading efforts towards curbing poverty and high rates of employment among the youth by steering entrepreneurship. The efforts which include mentoring, training and programs such as the 3to5 business clubs and Graduate Internship Program (GRIP) has empowered many women and youth like Esther who end up being self reliant and transforming their families and communities.

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