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On Our journey to spur enterprise development as a panacea to the high rates of unemployment and poverty among youth & women in Kenya – – one critical question lingers; are we building a community we all want? A sustainable community?

Our projects have always been focusing on creating Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs who ultimately transform communities through the businesses they create.
These projects have been in partnership and collaboration with Public and Private Organizations, Churches and Para-church Organizations,Non-Profits Organizations, Institutions of Learning, Development Partners and Individuals.

Today, we thank God for the progress we have made in bridging the unemployment and poverty gap among the youth & women in our communities.
However, our efforts are needed now more than ever, given global challenges such as fighting climate change, persevering societal values and preventing conflict. Progress requires us coming together and collaborate to create transformed communities.

EPTF is committed to developing projects that create the most positive impact in our communities.
Our Vision: “Empowered Kingdom minded entrepreneurs transforming communities” defines our two main areas of focus that have guided our activities this year;
1. An Empowered Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur 2. Transformed communities

Empowered Kingdom minded Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who is not only skilled and committed to running a profitable and successful business but one who is doing business in an acceptable way, one who upholds ethical practices in business. We seek to d e v e l o p and nurture an entrepreneur who has, “The passion to know love and become like Jesus Christ” and who experiences “The Transforming power of the gospel”. This is an entrepreneur who is an agent of community transformation.

Transformed communities are communities where everyone lives a life of dignity and love is expressed among people in the community. When people are living in poverty there is no dignity instead there is hopelessness and desperation. Where greed, corruption and selfish ambitions are present then love is absent. Such is what characterizes our communities today.

As EPTF we endeavor to reverse this in our communities by empowering entrepreneurs who will be agents of transformation. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) we envision a community where there is; No poverty, Zero hunger, Reduced inequality, Decent work and Economic growth & Sustainable cities and communities.

Nothing can paint this picture of transformation better than what I experienced recently during my visit to one of our entrepreneurs;
Agnes Kamau is the proprietor of Aggy’s Pastries, a catering and pastries business based in Ruai. Agnes was trained on entrepreneurship by EPTF and thereafter she went through the EPTF Business mentorship. This transformation journey that Agnes started with EPTF back in 2012 has resulted to a successful Entrepreneur who has moved from operating from home to renting a business premises in Ruai, from no employee to three employees at the moment. In addition Agnes is now a trained and practicing mentor with EPTF and is also training entrepreneurs.

She has so far mentored a group of five beneficiaries based in Mathare. In addition, she has assisted 10 youths who are alumni’s of EPTF to acquire baking skills and is currently offering apprenticeship to 4 girls at her business.
During my visit to Agnes’ Business, she had these words to say; “Through my business I have changed myself, my family and other people’s lives. What EPTF has done is to open my mind to see opportunities of growth for my business in order to make a difference not only in my life but in the lives of others. I am already making that difference. As a believer God expects me to make a difference”

In a country where 75% of the entire population is in the informal sector we cannot ignore the role of an entrepreneur in the community. We don’t want a successful entrepreneur but an entrepreneur who is at pains to do what is right and acceptable before God and man.
Corinthians 8:21;’For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man’.

With partners like you this can be achieved. I am honored to be on this journey of transformation with you.

Mary Kamore: CEO, Economic Projects Transformational Facility