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Business Clubs


In order to strengthen our follow up services, EPTF has established tailor made business clubs within the regions we work in. We bring together our Alumni in various forums to keep abreast with their businesses and assist them overcome various challenges. The club is also open to entrepreneurs in need of business development support services. We are interested in your business growth!

Our slogan

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17)

Personal Development

Apart from technical skills, entrepreneurs also require soft skills while running their businesses. We believe in enlightening minds and inspiring entrepreneurs so that they can be able to share their vision and mission with customers, suppliers and employees for finest results. Our aim is to foster an all rounded entrepreneur whose potential is realized at all levels. This is done through group mentoring and coaching.

Business Development

Entrepreneurs need to be prepared to meet the expectations of developing markets. By understanding the needs of all stakeholders involved in the adoption, positioning and funding of your product, one is able to develop appropriate messages that will improve its chances of uptake.

We organize forums where successful entrepreneurs share their experiences and achievements on a regular basis through selected business topics of discussion. Members get an opportunity to ask questions, listen to their life stories and get first hand access to information about emerging opportunities in the different industries. Our speakers come from different industries that our members are drawn from.

Financial Advisory

We provide financial advisory and equip our alumni with skills in developing cash flow projections, bookkeeping and developing a viable business plan. In the event that a member requires a loan to boost their business, EPTF links them to a lending organization.

Business Networking

Exchanging of ideas, making new contacts and interacting with fellow businessmen is critical for business growth and expansion. We organize networking events that include project visits, advertising opportunities in our website, marketing and exhibitions for our members.

Bible Studies

We believe by promoting Biblical principles, we are also promoting ethical business approaches. We organize regular Bible studies with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurs to run their businesses with integrity.

Benefits to Club members
  • An elevated business profile
  • Strategic alliances
  • Market linkages
  • Networking opportunities
  • Investment opportunities
  • Up-scaled trainings
  • Organized community services
  • Access to business resource materials


Who can join?
  • EPTF alumni
  • Entrepreneurs in need of personal and business development services
  • Our mentors and facilitators