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AOSK – Wananawake Wa Amani Graduation

AOSK – Wananawake Wa Amani Graduation

AOSK – Wananawake Wa Amani Graduation

We are proud to have trained the Association Of Sisterhoods Kenya – AOSK- Wanawake Wa Amani  group on entrepreneurship. The six weeks training was crowned by a colorful graduation at the Sacred Heart Catholic church along Ngong road  whereby 35 committed women graduated .

It had been an exciting six weeks journey that saw the women trained on entrepreneurship. Despite a background marred by a myriad of challenges, these women were determined to get past their pain and forge ahead Some of the members were victims of the post election violence in 2008.They lost family members, wealth they had accumulated over the years and were basically left with nothing. twenty of these women are above the age of 50 years while the others  range from 30 to 50 years.

Owing to the despondent nature that came as the post election aftermath, the Association Of Sisterhood Kenya– Justice and Peace Commission (AOSK-JPC), took them under their wing, counseled them and became a beacon of hope, taught them soft artisan skills that helped them start up businesses which give them a small source of income to get by.

Earlier this year Economic Projects Transformation Facility (EPTF) partnered with the of Sisterhood of Kenya– Justice and Peace Commission (AOSK-JPC) to train these women on entrepreneurship so as to take their business to the next level and make more profits and transform their communities.

We have seen progress as the women have been able to grasp the concepts and see the relevance in  their businesses.

“I wish we had come earlier to these trainings as with this knowledge we would have been able to write business plans hence get the Uwezo fund” says  Mwikali one of our trainees.

Mwikali among others has been able to make use of the entrepreneurial skills she’s learning and applying it in her business. So far she has seen an increase in profits as she is able to account for the money coming in and going out through record keeping.

EPTF shall support the trainees by attaching them to mentors who are seasoned entrepreneurs and also offer training on table banking. The mentors will walk with them for the next seven months until their businesses are stable.