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3to5 Club

3to5 Club

The 3to5 Club is a strategic alliance of business owners who come together with the objective of building mature businesses in a period of 3 and 5 years.

Business owners start their enterprises and they grow them around themselves in such a way they their businesses cannot operate without their presence.

The 3to5 club walks the business owner step by step on how to get out of the treadmill to the place the business can run without him/her being there.

To aid in achieving maturity, business owners set Business Maturity Dates (BMD), which in turn ensure intentionality and focus.

The club helps the business owner to set up these structures and systems that will get the business owner to his/her BMD. Business owners in the club also become the “outside eyes” to each other, thus providing critical reviews to all the businesses represented in the club.

Building a Business is our major emphasis.

We emphasize two things:

  1. Build a Business – we provide an ongoing training on how to build a business
  2. Build a Network – We believe that the most highly successful business owners do not join networking groups because they have learned that it is better to build a small group.